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Konrad Wątor

Web Developer


  • PHP programming
  • coordinating the work of freelancers


  • he has practiced as PHP Developer, Web Designer and Web Developer since 2011
  • experience in PHP programming, in work with MVC models, Symfony 2 suite, Zend Framework libraries, CMS systems (WordPress, Concrete5), Moodle platform, (X)HTML (including HTML 5), CSS (including CSS3 and SCSS), MySCL, Javascript, AJAX technology, graphics programs


Konrad is a web technologies enthusiast and a real professional in his field. He is interested in functional aspects of projects, which he involves into, as well as the aesthetic side of them. He is fascinated by alternative programming in PHP, especially by Python platforms and popular Ruby on Rails. Passionate about new technologies since childhood, and the first device that had a big impression on him was the 8-bit Atari :)

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