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Bartosz Wogórka

General Manager


  • coordinating Tape business and operational activities
  • supervision over Managers and other members of the team
  • team building and creating an organizational culture conducive to creativity, efficiency and productivity
  • developing business strategy and taking care of business growth in the IT area
  • responsible for cooperation with key Customers and Business Partners
  • budgeting and finances management



  • he has over a dozen years of experience in managing people in teams from a few to several tens of members
  • he has several years of experience in managing an international enterprise
  • he worked as an implementation ERP systems consultant in the years 2006 – 2007 and earlier, in the years 2000 – 2006, as IT specialist and then as IT manager
  • specialist in the field of information technology, finance and management, project management, Scrum methodology, design and administration of operating systems and many other areas related to IT industry
  • many diplomas certifying constantly deepened knowledge


His adventure with IT industry has begun in primary school. First computer and lack of access to games created an ideal environment to learn programming. Outstanding skills and abilities in the field of computer science resulted in numerous successes in secondary school, when he started his first job as an IT specialist. He perfected his skills at university of business and informatics, working full-time at the same time. He has developed interests associated with new technologies and management during numerous courses and postgraduate studies and he obtained the diplomas certifying constantly deepened knowledge. But first and foremost, Bartosz is an excellent practitioner, versatile talented leader oriented in creating a climate enabling for creativity within the company and build long-term relationships with Customers. Nowadays, Bartosz uses the enormity of experiences and best practices to help others achieve success, thereby developing himself. At home, he is loving father and husband. His passion is photography.

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